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MSF Doctors Without Borders creates graphic outputs through the Graphic Standard graphics application.

Automation without borders

Doctors Without Borders

Studio Dipozitiv included us in the rules of the new visual identity of Doctors Without Borders. Take a look at how we put our hand to work.

Doctors Without Borders' visual style and graphics manual is set up online in the Graphic Standard app and its their graphic tool for each user.

Rules accessible to all

The first step was to write and set up all the rules in the cloud so that everyone could have them at their fingertips. We have made all logos, pictograms, fonts, colours and other assets available for download.

With Graphic Standard's brand manager, you can share the online logo manual to graphic studios or among colleagues.

Easily share everything with external agencies and employees.

Tomáš Bendl, head of communications at MSF Doctors Without Borders, creates the company's graphic outputs in the online graphics software Graphic Standard.

Tomáš Bendl
Chief of Communications, Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders is a crisis organization and our communication must therefore often be very fast. The Graphic Standard system allows us to create strong visual content without the involvement of external graphic designers, which increases our efficiency and reduces costs.

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Furthermore, we have also prepared all the templates included in the visual style guide.

Overview of templates

The arrangement of the templates is tailored to the Doctors Without Borders communication plan.

All the graphical outputs of your corporate identity in one place in the Graphic Standard brand cloud.

Organize graphical outputs according to your workflow. By department, communication channels, or completely differently if you'd like.

Focus on the content

We will take care of the graphics for you in accordance with the rules of logomanual. Templates guide the user step by step and recommend or even limit the maximum length of the content.

The online graphic generator Graphic Standard creates graphics according to the logomanual automatically and follows the set rules of the company's visual style.

Focus on content that leads you down the path laid out for you. We'll create the graphics automatically.

Moving elements

The graphics were designed in the most variable way. The individual graphic elements move around, the templates have multiple layouts and it is easy to select from a bank of pictograms.

The graphic designer sets the corporate identity rules and can use a variety of graphic elements for each graphic template.

The template can change the position of individual elements to locations predefined by the designer.

Easy to post on social networks

Templates are exported in the desired png format. Either just download the file and upload to the tools you use to manage your social networks, or you can easily post directly from Graphic Standard.

Graphic Standard's online graphic generator can share created communication graphics directly to social networks

Can be shared to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter directly from the app.

Share graphic output from Graphic Standard directly to social networks
Graphic Standard helps you to prepare graphic outputs from the brand cloud even using tablets.

We still believe in the offline world and so do Doctors Without Borders.

We check the quality of the photos.

When uploading photos, the system automatically checks the resolution of the photos, corrects them to a certain extent or alerts the user when the resolution is no longer sufficient.

The Graphic Standard print generator monitors the image quality of graphic print templates.

We check the quality of the images for you, so you can be sure the print will turn out well.

Send everything to print easily

Where you used to need a production position, today you only need a few clicks. Designers have defined paper, weight and other printing processes for each template. All you have to do is confirm the price and the order will be on your desk in a few days.

Graphic Standard's graphic design software will order the print for you directly from a professional printer on high quality paper.

Connection to a professional printer and an extensive materials bank ensure seamless operation in the offline world.

Brand generator Graphic Standard gets you fast printing. It works as an online printer of print templates for creating marketing contents.
Visual style and corporate identity online in the Graphic Standard marketing communication repository. Online graphic tool for every employee in the company.

From business cards, to letterheads, to board roll ups, to Instagram stories and YouTube thumbnails.

Assets online storage in Graphic Standard for creating additional images for further use in graphic templates for print or digital communication.

Smart assets

Doctors Without Borders works in more than 70 countries around the world. To communicate, they need maps on which they can easily highlight specific states. They then can download the data in PDF or PNG and use it further.

Online brand manager Graphic Standard can use various complementary graphic templates to create a comprehensive graphic output for a company.

The system of templates and sub-templates can be creatively used to create customized smart assets.

Pictogram bank

The visual style is accompanied by an extensive bank of pictograms that the Doctors Without Borders team can easily select from. At the same time, it uses their positive, negative, black and white and colour variations, exactly as the designers intended.

Online Graphic Standard has a bank of graphic elements according to the company's graphic manual.

Take advantage of the extensive pictogram bank and easily select the most suitable pictograms for your documents.

Online repository of additional graphics (pictograms, icons, maps, QR codes, and more) for creating corporate communications in graphic templates.

We have saved 25 % of the costs associated with graphics and communications.

Graphic Standard is an online graphic for every member on your team, each user has access according to your settings.

Exactly 37 people on the team

Almost the entire organization has access to Graphic Standard, so different permissions come in handy. External agencies only have access to the logomanual, while marketing departments are allowed to share online content or even send materials to the print.

Graphic Standard's online corporate identity manager allows you to manage different user permissions.

Different user permissions make it easy to organise your team.

Already 237 generated outputs

Over 80 % of graphic outputs are generated through Graphic Standard. Essentially only the magazine is done manually, but we are working on that too.

Online automated graphic designer Graphic Standard is a program for creating company marketing outputs (business cards, posters, flyers, banners and many more)

Do the vast majority of graphic outputs automatically, leave only the creative stuff to the graphic designer.

Online brand's generator Graphic Standard creates graphics automatically without expensive graphics software like Adobe Creative Cloud.
Online brand manager Graphic Standard uses the possibility of different variants of individual graphic templates and gives the user a choice how to communicate uniformly according to the set visual style.

Over 400 graphic materials

There are one hundred and thirty templates, but in reality there are many more. Thanks to the system of modular layouts, each of the templates has several variations.

Graphic outputs, in the online brand manager Graphic Standard, can have different layouts of graphic design.

Templates can have different versions and layouts, change background colors or photo placement. There are no limits to creativity.

The content strategist of the Czech office of Doctors Without Borders supports the use of the online Graphic Standard.

Jasňa Riegerová
Content strategist of the Czech Office of Doctors Without Borders

Thanks to Graphic Standard, the entire team can easily and quickly create visuals that capture their attention, and they are also in line with our visual identity. He is a graphic designer who has our brand manual at his fingertips, never sleeps and is constantly on the move. Even at midnight, which is often useful when creating content. Since we have been working with Graphic Standard, we can think more creatively about content because it allows us to create a variety of surveys and visuals in all the formats we need. It not only helps us with graphics for our social networks, but it can also create, for example, print data for printed compliments or business cards. Thanks to this, all our outputs look much more professional, no matter who is from the office with any expertise.

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