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Graphic Standard™

Keep your brand together with a graphic creation and management system.

Manage your brand online

Graphic Standard will learn everything about your brand. Don't have a graphic manual yet? That's why we're here to help you make one!

Everything just a few clicks away

As long as you are online, you can create anything from anywhere. Graphic Standard is made for everyone, no need for any prior knowledge of graphic design.

Communicate effectively

Keep your brand consistent across all branches, subsidiaries and all types of channels. From Instagram, to flyers and promotional items. No in-house or external graphic agencies. Fast, convenient, simple.

Brand manual and all graphic outputs of your company in one place online.

Advantages of our system

Graphic Standard saves your time

Saves time

Speeding up the entire creation and management process.

Graphic Standard saves your money

Saves money

Since we've already saved time, we've also saved money.

Graphic Standard saves the hassle

Saves the hassle

Speeding up the entire creation and management process.

An overview of the finances and creation of graphic outputs of your company.

under control

Do you have a branch network and separate accounting? Keep track of expenses across the entire company.

With Graphic Standard, your brand is always up to date.

Always up to date

Any update to the brand manual will be immediately available to the branch network

Graphic Standard is open to third party connections.

Openness to other applications

The system can be connected to your cloud storage or other applications.

Graphic Standard works on all platforms.


If necessary, HQ can be in control of each output.

Graphic Standard includes user management and control of created outputs.

and control

Our system keeps everything in sync to make sure your branches and employees are always working with the newest version of the documents.

Graphic Standard keeps your data safe

Keep your brand safe

We can connect to your cloud storage and applications.

Who is using the Graphic Standard?

MSF Doctors Without Borders creates graphic outputs through the Graphic Standard graphics application.

Doctors Without Borders

Automation without borders

Who we help?

Smaller companies

They use the form of free account management with a one-time fee for a content generation.

Big corporation

Flat rate payment for an unlimited number of users, multiple billing centers, team organization and control mechanisms.

Public institutions

Local governments, schools, libraries, and other organizations that need to communicate effectively and at a certain level with the public. Be sure to use our affiliate program.


We will try to reduce your expenses to a bare minimum and help you to communicate with the donators and the public at the same time.

You don't fit into either category? No worries.

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